Excess Skin 14months after Gastric Bypass Surgery

I’ve been wanting to make this video for a while and just could not work up the courage but…… he goes nothing 🙂 Highest weight – 315 lbs Jan1, 2009 2 week preop diet day of surgery – 300 lbs Jan 13, 2009 Personal Goal 160 lbs reached Jan 2010 14 months post op – 159 lbs I fluctuate between 160 – 165 lbs
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  1. binaakwe2 Says:

    I am just starting my WLS journey. Thank you so much for your video! You are brave, strong and beautiful.

  2. Kev9781 Says:

    Very informative video. I’m having Lap. Gastric Bypass on Monday, and I’ve been wondering about excess skin. I think you look wonderful. And your excess skin is not that bad sweety. I think you’re beautiful. Keep up the good work, and I wish you much more success. Again thank you so much for this informative video.

  3. missanthropy19 Says:

    Hi I am in the same boat, had surgery and lost 80kg and have loose skin. I will consider surgery to fix it once I am my goal weight. fyi the surgery is NOT a cheat otherwise everybody would succed with it. You still need to eat healthy and exercise, it is simply an aid. I go to the gym 6-7 days a week with two weights sessions and count calories and it didn’t stop the loose skin.

  4. Brittanydw92990 Says:

    You are BEAUTIFUL for one. But I have a question for you…..do you weight train?

  5. Zack20008 Says:

    How high can you fly?

  6. Xbizkitl Says:

    Get plastic surgery…skin removal is a cinch for surgeons and it’s not frivolous at all

  7. gotmaria Says:

    You look amazing and your beautiful. Keep up the great work! It’s only skin don’t worry too much about it, you are on the path to be healthy that’s all that matters. Aloha

  8. ElHefe2000 Says:

    Thank you for sharing this video, my gastric bypass surgerydate is Tuesday the 13th. My current weight is 380lbs, I’m really excited and can’t wait to have it done.

  9. MrJvun Says:

    @Mattyuk1 very ignorant. When you weigh over 300 pounds, there is no pass cheat. Getting the weight off is a matter of health and not just beauty. If you had a headache, would you think taking an aspirin is pass cheat?Losing weight in the gym over time does also produce excess skin for ppl who are genuinely heavy. Finally, ppl don’t just have surgery, they also change the way they eat and increase their exercise on the regular.

  10. ciao614 Says:

    Did you exercise at all during your weight loss? As far as I know if you did you wouldn’t have this much loose skin. Yes there might be some but not this bad.

  11. ninamos30 Says:

    congratulations on your weight loss! i also have the bat wings as i call them; my worst area is my tummy. i’ve noticed that my skin has gotten tighter since i first lost weight. Try to be patient and keep working out–hopefully in time your skin will shrink more. Congrats again!

  12. gentlewarrior71 Says:

    you look awesome! congratulations! the excess skin can be taken care of with either surgery or excersize or a combination of both….in any case you’ve gotten your life back and you look very sexy!

  13. Gbodyart Says:

    @xknlion66 totally agree, that is what I am doing now am still scared of loose skin but feel more positive tis time round then ever before about loosing weight. Strength training and high protein diet will elp alot. drinking lots of water and moisterising also helps.

  14. Mattyuk1 Says:

    @vkhele Uneducated? Slow weight lost? I think you’ll find mine and others comments are right. I was fat and did it the hard way! I was left with skin around my abs because I did it far too quick.

  15. vkhele Says:

    @Mattyuk1 very uneducated comment but you’re excused 🙂

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