Laparoscopic Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass – Live Surgery Dr. Lowe goes through the steps of a live laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery. Presented by Carolina Surgical of Charlotte. Please visit our website or call Dr. Michael Melkonian or Dr. Carl Lowe Jr. for more information. 2104 Randolph Rd. Charlotte, NC 28207 Presbyterian Hospital — Matthews 1450 Matthews Township Pkwy / Ste 320 Matthews, NC 28105 (704) 377-3900
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19 Responses to “Laparoscopic Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass – Live Surgery”

  1. EveBlush Says:

    How long does this operation take?

  2. CarolinaSurgical Says:

    I have measured the distance from the tip of the graspers to the letters on the side of them. I use that knowledge as a gauge for distance inside the body as I look at the monitor.

  3. TheCharity23 Says:

    Was there a special method you used to measure the intestine without using a marker?

  4. ChiefWiggim Says:

    Thank You…I just had this done in Bangor Maine on Oct 26 2012…I feel so good like it wasnt even done….not hungrey at all and not much pain….I weighed in on surgery day at 442 lbs

  5. Mysoulisforsaken Says:

    I am gonna do this surgery, And after seeing this movie I feel secure. 🙂 I can’t wait. / Sweden

  6. Luis Cosme Says:

    I thought I had seen amazing things in my life but this here, this is Amazing! This and the heart transplant I just saw by doctor Granger, wow!

  7. TheHealingBranch Says:

    This approximately the type of surgery I had. The only thing about this surgery is that he does explain that the air they insert in you will stay in you and cause pain later! Yeah!

  8. TheHealingBranch Says:

    This approximately the type of surgery I had.

  9. rob16248 Says:

    How many 000’s of staples used here?

  10. Yulonda Clark Says:

    Getting mine in 2 months yay!

  11. CarolinaSurgical Says:

    No, but they generally do not cause problems.

  12. u571supra Says:

    What happens with the staples over time? Do they dissolve?

  13. Kerry McKenzie Says:

    I know someone’s who’s was £10,000

  14. CarolinaSurgical Says:

    The cost varies from region to region, but it can be up to $30,000 without insurance. Almost all insurance companies cover this surgery now so getting insurance would be the best option.

  15. ahmed abdulrashid Says:

    thanks u help me .

  16. MrRalph008 Says:

    had this procedure 28 th august 2012 very happy with result

  17. CarolinaSurgical Says:

    Most health insurances cover this surgery, so your cost will depend on your plan.

  18. Cameron Jackson Says:

    WOW!!!!! that was crazy…CANT WAIT TILL I GET IT!!!!!

  19. sweetmeat454 Says:

    how much does this surgery cost?

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