I am a Gastric Bypass Failure, a Weight Loss surgery failure -Not exactly- a WOW moment!

I had a wow moment today… A “Am I a Failure?” Wow moment – so I made this video today, spilling the truth and its time to be honest and make changes…. Even if you take two or fifty steps backwards, your not a failure you are a success story in the making… Truth be told, its time to start moving forward again for me… I dont have two many people to let down, I have two many goals worth fighting for…
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13 Responses to “I am a Gastric Bypass Failure, a Weight Loss surgery failure -Not exactly- a WOW moment!”

  1. Lees706 Says:

    Your a crazy woman.. You need to be put in a mental institution

  2. j81jevon Says:

    Wow. I just found your vids. Thank you for being so honest and open. This takes a lot of courage…..and I thank you immensely for it.

  3. Joseph Henry Stevens Says:

    I can’t imagine my self having the gastric bypass surgery. I read many blogs and articles about it and how it can cause long term side effects and even death. Just like other “Fat” people, I almost lost hope but the Roca Labs Formula help me lose weight and gain my confidence back again

  4. kim gonzales Says:

    I really enjoyed this video…It really opened my eyes to the ups and downs of weight loss… People don’t tell the downs…YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE…YOU ARE REAL!

  5. MsLake20 Says:

    You seem like a very passionate person.I agree with the fact of food addictions being the hardest to give up. Not only b/c the fact that we have to eat, but also b/c the food we eat in this country is HORRIBLE! The portion sizes are outragous-then we have tv programs like MAN vs. FOOD-I mean, even having skinny friends that can eat a large fry & burger from mcd in front of you and without gaining any weight-its not a problem for them. People truly underestimate the struggle with food & weight.

  6. Deepak Joshi Says:

    Hey there, have you heard of “Belly Fat Blaze” (search on Google for it)? On their website you can watch a helpful free video. This helped Donna to eliminate her stomach fat. It may help you too…

  7. ilovemykids4lyfe Says:

    Your beautiful!! Don’t think so negative! you only live once, so live life to the fullest! your too young to be so depressed. dont ever say or think your a failure! I hope the nothing but the best for you! Again think positive! 🙂

  8. wolftreetree Says:

    You sound like you are doing well, and have come along way towards your goals, blessings.

  9. Healsoflove Says:


  10. HungerTheory Says:

    It sounds as though you want to tell people not to have surgery, and your talking about how your bowels are having problems, but it seems like maybe there is a disconnect though, because you dont seem to but that together with what you are saying about how you are eating and drinking. You can’t do that to yourself, it sounds like there are some emotional things here that maybe you should talk to someone about, because it really is strange that you didn’t put those two things together.

  11. kristi lacko Says:

    you need to “educate” yourself hunny and get better for you…..maybe instead of making videos you should watch others.
    good luck with everything…..and no one is a failure u might be but not us all are………you failed cause your choices and your bad lack of judgement…….again best of luck dear.

  12. kristi lacko Says:

    im only 17minutes into your video and some things are bothering me…… 1 being were not told about what gastric was before doing it,im in ontario and we have too do classed and lots of dr apts to make sure we are mentally ready…..another thing have you thought but maybe going too see a dr about your depression? maybe you have issues beyond “being fat” another point id like too add maybe going too see a dietition will help……

  13. kristi lacko Says:

    do you—-i also hve videos up 🙂

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