Important for People Considering RNY – 2008

Please note: This video was created in March of 2008. It is now 2010 and so this info is OUT OF DATE. If you require more up to date info, please contact me or watch some of my newer videos. Many of these vit deficiencies have been resolved with the exception of my iron. As of Feb 2010 I have been officially diagnosed with Ortheostatic Hypotension, Hypoglycemia and Anemia as a direct result of my Gastric Bypass surgery.

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  1. Redrumxtina Says:

    I am getting the surgery in a few months and I know its hard work. I have had tons of tests just to get ready for this and I am very aware of the risks. I really need this though to help with my health. Yeah I have to take the psychological test and I too am glad they do this because this is a HUGE change in your life and I have seen too many not ready. I am ready. I have a friend who is on a feeding tube right now after surgery and had a lung collapse and had all kinds of complications.

  2. Courtney Small Says:

    why did you get WLS you were not big at all

  3. Caroline Ann Martin Says:

    It’s VERY easy going in to feel like you are going to do everything perfectly whether or not you were told all the facts. There is a HUGE difference before and after. There also is a HUGE difference between being a “new” postop patient and being 2+ years, 5+ years out, 10+ years out….

    -225 lbs & maintaining — nearing 8 years post RNY

  4. meep86 Says:

    Do you regret the surgery, considering the side effects now? 🙁

  5. shrinkinglaura Says:

    If you take a look at my newer updates you’ll see the long term repercussions of this surgery and the vit deficiencies associated with it.

  6. gawdess559 Says:

    I hope you have gotten your pills under control because I know this must be really hard for you. Im thinking of having one, well… long story that I wont get into but I have calcium stocked up, b12 strips, and a multivitamin… 4 calciums a day 2 multis and a b 12… but this is what we were told going in.. so its wierd they didnt prepare you

  7. shrinkinglaura Says:

    No matter how hard you try to follow your vitamin and diet plans sometimes shitty things do happen (with your health). I believe you are one of Amelia’s subscribers (massagegoddess) – take a look at some of her updates from this time last year and you will see that, even with being careful, your own health can blow up in your face. I hope to God that you are as prepared as you can be for what you’re about to put your body through.

  8. angiesgirl4ever Says:

    Well I must say that I haven’t seen a lot of your other videos and was unaware that you were not given the correct information, which is a scary thought. I hope that you are able to get everything up to par with your health.

  9. shrinkinglaura Says:

    I also mentioned in most of my other videos that I was self-pay in Mexico.. didn’t exactly receive guidance from a nutritionist. I had to learn everything either online or through trial and error. I can’t see the exact date that I uploaded this video but I’m assuming it was early in 2008. At that point I was still learning about my own condition. it’s now almost 2 yrs later and despite my efforts to keep my vit levels where they should be, I’m horribly anemic which requires IV iron therapy. 🙁

  10. angiesgirl4ever Says:

    i am having gastric bypass surgery on march 3, 2010 and i have been told that i HAVE to take EVERY DAY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE 1 prenatal vitamin, calcium citrate, 2000IU vitamin D, Vitamin B12, iron and potassium. If you started taking the Vitamins before your surgery you probably would not have ended up with such a deficiency. You mentioned that you aren’t taking everything that they want you to take, how can you expect to feel good if don’t follow their instructions to a tee? just my 2 cents.

  11. lostforever59 Says:

    I hope you will get better but just want to remind you that obesity, over eating and bad eating habits leads to loads of worst illnesses that start at 30 and sometimes ealier like cancer, diabetes etc… Try to remind yourself when u feel like that you avoided the worst..
    Anyway get better

  12. 1234searose Says:

    I have to take a six month long class, talking about your life after RNY surgery, its required by my insurance comp. Didn’t they tell you about liquid vitamins? Don’t put down the RNY surgery, its more mental in your head, and I believe you need to go to support group meetings…

  13. freediethelp Says:

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  14. soapoperanutt Says:

    Sounds like you did not have a good support group before and now. I had surgery March, 09 131 lbs and never felt better in my life. If you had any health issues prior you might understand the benefits. I have no more joint pain, off many medications, no more sleep apnea and having to sleep on a breathing machine every night. sorry for yourself and use that energy to be positive and taking the vitamins, etc is all part of a healthy body.

  15. tonester08 Says:

    God almighty i bet you’re a laugh down the pub!

  16. shrinkinglaura Says:

    Please no negative comments on my videos. Thanks!

  17. TONY FINNEY Says:

    that’s just for anyone considering surgery. it really is a way out. not EASY…but it’s giving in. unless you are 500+ and can’t get off your lazy butt to DO something about it. there is nothing more fulfilling than to lose weight on your own. WITH exercise (WORK) and rebooting your thought about food. i feel sorry for anyone who gets surgery. chances are you will regret it.

  18. TONY FINNEY Says:

    best way to go is all natural. eating right, watching portions and EXERCISING on a regular basis.. can’t tell me that it doesn’t work. i was edging on 300 pounds.. i am now down to 185. i think surgery is only necessary as a LAST resort. meaning you’ve done other things first. not TRIED, but DONE. “try leaves the option for failure. if you want to DO something, you have to DO it..” but good luck in all your endeavors. i’m sure surgery will help every problem..

  19. SOiTiSTrUe Says:

    You sound like you need to continue your treatment with your psychologist. What you are saying is not complications of the surgery, it sounds like complications of your mind and depression. You should crush all the vitamins you need and put them in a shake. Seek a mental care doctor you sound like you need to talk to someone – OTHER THAN YOUTUBE

  20. AryMcKade Says:

    I hate to tell you, but that is normal. Your doctor should have told you that from the beginning. They told me I will be on vitamins for the rest of my life. REST OF MY LIFE. They told me that from the word go. I must take a vitamin an Iron pill and a Calcium citrate, for the rest of my life and depending on my own body any other ones. I am sorry you didn’t know that before.

  21. Anna Taylor Says:

    Why not just take an all in one supplement, here in aus we have one called Centrum.
    It contains all of that O_O

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